Fat Bike Tours

Fat Bike Tours

Customise your own trip for you and your mates , business colleagues , clients or do it as part and parcel of a teambuild. Whether it is a half day on a local beach or a 8 Day adventure across the Namib desert, Red Cherry Adventures can customise to suit your specific budget and time off work.

Wherever there is a beach there is an event and this is what Fat Attack is all about .

Typical packages will include
1. Transport from a central location to the Start and back from the Finish
2.  All accommodation ( depending on route this could be guest houses, hotels or in remote areas… a tented village)
3.  Supply of Rapid Fat Cat Pro 27 Speed alloy frame Fat Bikes
4.  Back up Luggage truck
5.  Spare Bikes and mechanics
6.  Sweep support on route

To customise your own tour click here and supply us with the following:

  1. 1. Number of Cyclists
    2. Coastal area of preference
    3. Number of Days
    4. Collective riding ability as a group ( 1 is novice and 5 is Expert)
    5. Preferred dates


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